We can provide various services from full Technical Production to one-off Custom Projects however that list isn't exhaustive if you have any other requirement for your production then contact us and we'll discuss how we can help.


Technical Production

We specialise in providing all Technical Production needs for Theatre, Live and Corporate Events. We can help you design your event from the ground up or simply provide one technical aspect. We have a broad range of skills available from Lighting to Live Mixing, Video Mapping to Scenic Flying.


Production/Event Management

Got a high profile event or upcoming production, we can help with providing management. We have a team of experienced production and stage managers. We also have a vast team of Show Callers and Production Assistants



From Lighting Plots to Venue Layouts for your production/event, we can draft it. Drawn to your brief and personalised with your branding. Contact us to find out what CAD services we can offer.


Custom Projects

If you need LED Practicals, Custom Racks or Set Electrics, we can help. We can design and build custom projects to your requirements. We will keep you involved throughout the build and provide support once it’s in your hands. Contact us today to find out how we can help with any custom projects.