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Custom Projects
Custom Projects

Custom Projects are an integral part of most shows and events, it is what makes your show or event stand out. It is spectacular moments that leave your audiences remembering your show for a lifetime or the talking point at the bar.

We specialise in making LED Practicals, Custom Racks, Set Electrics and Custom Special Effects but this list isn’t exhaustive, we love coming up with innovative ideas and solutions.

We design and build custom projects to meet your requirements. We will keep you involved throughout the build and provide full support once we’ve completed the project.

Our Process
Four Steps

We love to chat and hear about ideas that you want to make a reality. We love coming up with advanced solutions.

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We take your ideas to the drawing board and draft a proposal. Where relevant, we can produce Visualisations and CAD documents


Once you're happy with the proposal, we'll start work on your custom project, keeping you aware of the status throughout.

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Once the product has been delivered we will provide full technical support to help you install the project. We can offer long term support as well.

Cable Manufacturing

We only use the best to manufacture our cables and to suit your requirements. We use a variety of specifications of cable. We work with components from brands such as Van Damme and Neutrik and PCE. We can help and advise what’s best for you.

A faulty cable could make or break your production.That is why we are firm believers of high-quality manufacturing.

We have the facilities to build fully bespoke cables to any requirements.

Our team actively work within the industry and can help with intuitive ways to ease your install with cables.

We rigorously test all of our cables to ensure they meet the highest and electrical standards.

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Custom Projects