Main Features


  • Fingerless Comfort Fit Working Glove
  • Fitted design moves with your hands as you work
  • Low profile palm and knuckle padding
  • Double stitched carabine eyelet on wrist cuff (carabine not included)
  • Features breathable materials for extra comfort
  • Write on ID tag

Comfort Fit Mens Fingerless Rigging / Operator Gloves

  • Comfort Fit (Fingerless) Rigger Glove

    "Dexterity at your fingertips, literally."

    The Comfort Fit™ Glove range has always been light to wear, but the new Fingerless glove takes it to a new level. The high-cut styling gives you exceptional freedom when undertaking the most intricate tasks, yet over 90% of your hand still remains covered*. The fitted design moves with your hands as you work, minimising the risk of snagging and making it a comfortably light glove to wear. Although light, the Comfort Fit™ doesn’t hold back on durability. The breathable materials look after your hands on the inside, whilst the double-layered ultra-tough synthetic leather and double stitching do the hard work on the outside.

    Glove Uses

    • General Rigging
    • Loading
    • Running Cables
    • Film/Set/Scenic
    • Camera Operation
    • Console Operation (Framer Style)

    This glove is intended for general use. If your work is more demanding or requires a specific PPE rating, a glove from Dirty Rigger's PPE range may be more suitable.