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Our Process
Four Steps
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The brief, we will discuss the brief, the project and your needs. We want our work to be personalised to your requirements.

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One of our professional draught-persons will draw in high-end CAD packages such as AutoCAD or Vectorworks 

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We will present regular updates to you through the process. This way we can make adjustments as we go. 

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Final product delivery. We can deliver in a variety of file formats. 


CAD is a vital part of any project for the entertainment industry. It’s an indispensable tool that we use on a daily basis. From table layouts for a corporate event to high detailed schematics. Working in both 3D and 2D we are able to produce high-quality products in any format. We have a CAD team who are specialised in working with a variety of software packages.

We are constantly developing new ways of working as well as looking for new and emerging techniques such as implementing Virtual and Augmented Reality and working with cloud-based software to bring flexibility to our workflow.

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