Here at Zone One we can help and produce any custom projects for your production, live event or project. This could be from LED practicals for a show to specialist control rack. From rain machines and controller to custom cables. We have the experience and skillset to apply to any custom project and we will design and build to any specification.


We can help from and to any stage of the process of builds. From concept to drawing, to production to installation or any part of the process. 

Contact us today to find out how we could help with your custom project. Below are some examples of custom projects we could help with.

  • Lighting Practicals for Theatre. 

    • Wireless Lighting Practicals ​and Props

    • Scenery  Practicals 

    • LED Signs 

  • Theatre and Event Infrastructure​

    • Control and Power Racks ​

    • Custom Control Indicators and Signage

    • Power and Data Looms 

    • Comms Infrastructure 

  • Custom Builds

    • Audio Visual Displays for Conferences & Event Stands ​

    • Light, AV, Sound installations 

  • Cabling for Production​

    • Power - 13,15,16A, PowerCon, TrueCon Extension Cables & Adapters 

    • DATA - DMX, Ethernet, Ethercon 

    • Sound - XLR, 1/4 Jack, Speakon

    • All made to any specification, size and customisation. 

Contact us for any information on details of how we can help with custom builds. We strive to ensure all custom projects are made to your specifications as well as to the highest quality standards. We have lots of extra customisations options as well such as adding your branding, length markers for cables and custom labels.